Five Things a Real Estate Investor Should Do Before 2014


  1. Set Long and Short Term Goals:   For the new calendar year, as well as the years to follow, be sure to set realistic and achievable goals for yourself.  These goals do not have to specifically be tied to earnings, but should also include relationships, philanthropy, and self-improvement.
  2. Look Back on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:  Identify what events affected your Real Estate career in both good and bad ways.  Acknowledge your growth, achievements, challenges, and mistakes.  Now, put them behind you and focus on repeating the good and forgetting the bad.
  3. Refine and Finalize your 2014 Budget:  State your objectives and determine how you plan on putting your capital to use.  Break this down into 4 quarters and capitalize on the opportunities that present themselves.
  4. Review the Tax Break Set to Expire:  Multiple Real Estate tax breaks are set to expire in 2013, if they are not extended, the following are set to expire:  Mortgage Insurance Premium, Dischare of Debt on Primary Residence, Energy Efficient Primary Residence Tax Credit, Commercial Energy Efficient Upgrade Deduction, New Construction Energy Efficient Deduction, and Section 1079 Expense Deduction:
  5. Recognize your Advisors, Colleagues, Friends and Family:  Your achievements would not be possible without the people who help them come to fruition.  Make sure you acknowledge the people who aided in your success.